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Solar Water Heater

Copper Fin Collector- Copper Fin Collector is a modern technology that replaces  the 1st generation solar water heaters that use GI pipes to heat water.  Black chrome selectively coated copper absorber plates and copper riser tubes are used in this system to heat the water. The plates absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the copper pipes containing water thus bringing a rise in the temperature of the liquid.  In order to preserve the heat energy and to prevent the heat from reflecting back, low iron tempered glass with high transmittance and low reflectance are used. This type
Solar Water Heater

Heat Tube Collector

Heat Tube collectors use glass tubes with copper rods to heat the water. In this heater, the solar energy heats the copper rods inside glass tubes that have low reflectance, which help to trap the heat inside. The water is made to run around the rods thus heating them. This type of solar water heaters is very efficient for freezing prone areas.
Heat Tube Collector Heat Tube Collector

Vacuum Tube Collector

The Vacuum Tube Collector belongs to the fourth generation of Solar Water Heaters.  In this system a glass tube with water is made to run inside another glass tube with a vacuum space between the two.  When the inner glass tube gets heated by the sun rays, the heat is preserved as the vacuum between the two tubes prevent the transmittance. The glass tube then transmits the energy to the water thus making its temperature rise.  This system is highly efficient and affordable.
Vacuum Tube Collector Vacuum Tube Collector

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems use lenses or mirrors to focus a large area of sunlight onto a small area. Electrical power is produced when the concentrated light is directed onto photovoltaic surfaces or used to produce steam for a conventional power plant. CSP is the latest development in Solar power solutions and is highly efficient for commercial, industrial and mass consumption purposes.
Concentrated Solar Power

Solar Pool Heating

Pool heating is a very good solar application.  The systems are simple and relatively inexpensive.  Pool systems usually use simple, inexpensive, unglazed polypropylene collectors.  The pool itself is the thermal storage for the system, and the pump you already use for filtering pool water will also circulate water through the solar collectors. 
Solar Pool Heating Solar Pool Heating Solar Pool Heating

Solar Distillation

Solar distillation is the method of distilling water with the use of heat energy from the Sun.  A solar collector is placed at the bottom of a box that is selectively coated black from inside.  A glass cover is used to cover the mouth of the box and is placed in a slanting position so that when the water gets collected on the glass, it flows towards a collecting vessel.  When the sun rays enter the box, it heats the collector that immediately transmits it to the water and turns it into vapor. When the vapor comes in contact with the glass cover, the vapor condenses because of the cool temperature on the outside and turns into water droplets. The droplets on the slanted glass slowly move down and get collected in a collecting vessel.
Solar  Distillation Solar  Distillation

Solar Pasteurizer

Solar Pasteurizer is an environment friendly technology to purify water. Water can be pasteurized by making it remain in 71 degree centigrade for a minute, solar pasteurizer does this by using the heat energy from the Sun.  When water is heated through a solar water heater it is collected in a tank that is connected to a thermo sensitive valve that only opens when the water is 71 degree centigrade. When the water passes through the valve after travelling for one minute through an insulated pipe, it is then made to cool through a heat convertor thus making the water ready to drink.
Solar  Pasteurizer Solar  Pasteurizer

Solar Dryer

Solar dryers are used for food and crop drying, for industrial drying process, dryers have proved to be most useful device from the energy conservation point of view. It not only saves energy but also saves lot of time, occupying less area, improves quality of the product, make the process more efficient and helps protect environment also. Solar dryers circumvent some of the major disadvantages of classical drying.  Solar drying can be used for the entire drying process or for supplementing artificial   drying systems, thus reducing the total amount of fuel energy required.
Solar  Dryer

Solar Cooker

A solar cooker is a device which uses sunlight as its energy source. They are made of shiny panels of aluminum which collect the heat energy from the sun and direct it to a cooking pot. Solar cookers are a form of outdoor cooking, and are often used in situations where minimum fuel consumption or fire risks are considered highly important. Because they use no fuel and they cost nothing to run, humanitarian organizations are promoting their use worldwide to help slow deforestation and desertification, caused by using wood as fuel for cooking.
Solar  Cooker

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